My Parents


My mother and my father got married in 1984 and since that time they have been living together, and they are really happy. I envy them their happiness and their relationship. One day if I get married, I want to be like them. They are very similar in some ways such as physical appearance, personality and tastes in life. I believe that because of these similarities they get on very well.


Firstly, they are both tall. They are not of the same height but my mother is tall for a woman and my father is also tall for a man according to Turkish standards. They have fair skin although my mother is a bit darker than my father. Also they are similar in their body build. They are not fat but they arenít thin either. The only difference in their physical difference is the color of their eyes. My father has green eyes whereas my mother has dark brown eyes.


They have some similarities in their personality too. Surprisingly, they get angry at the same time at the same things. When one of them starts to shout at my sister or me the other one carries on. I believe that they think about the same things too, so they can do this. They are also both easy-going. I can explain or share my ideas and my aims to them very easily. I am never afraid of them, because they never frighten me. But in some conditions, of course, they are different from each other. We are like friends with my mother. I share all of my secrets with her and she helps me, like a close friend. On the other hand, my father is a bit distant but I think that is normal because I am a girl. I am sure if I told him my secrets he would become angry. In general, I get on well with both of them.


In addition to these, they have the same goals. First of all, their only wishes are about my sister and me. They want us to be healthy, successful and happy. They also have some dreams. After my sister and I get married they want to have a small house in a small seaside town. They also want to travel the world. They are interested in the same things too. They like the same kind of music, movies and sports. For example, my mother watches football matches with my father and he in turn goes shopping with her. They get on very well; I donít remember a thing which they think differently about.


In conclusion, they are very similar in lots of ways. Because of these, they are a perfect couple. I am very proud to have parents like them. They have brought me up in a happy home. In the future I want to do the same thing for my child, and make him as happy as I am.


Cansu Maden  Adv 2004