And finally medicine with the help of technology has developed its most extreme product, the human being! Some say that it is a big step towards immortality, while some claim that it is something unnatural. I do not know what the majority thinks, but I definitely disagree with the idea of human cloning.


Firstly, why would anyone want to clone himself/herself?  Is it because they think that they are of great importance for this world or humanity, or because they want to live longer and longer and try to be immortal? Whatever the reason is, in my opinion, human cloning is against the nature of human beings, because we are unique. As a result of human cloning, human beings with the dream of being immortal will be moved away from their uniqueness and naturalness.


Besides being unnatural, I think human cloning is also unethical. We should also look from the point of view of the clones. As a clone, he/she will be the copy of someone and it won’t be him/her who has decided to be cloned. What about the clones’ feelings and rights? In my opinion cloning is a form of slavery which may cause infraction of clone’s rights and may hurt their feelings. Who wants to be clone anyway?


Also we cannot be sure if cloning technology will be used in favor of people. What if this technology falls in the hands of people with evil intentions? Then, it will be a threat for all of us. There is no way to know the exact intentions of the scientists or the people who want to clone human beings. And as long as we cannot be sure about people’s real thoughts, we cannot claim that human cloning is always in favor of people.


In conclusion, because human cloning is unnatural, unethical and we cannot know the real intentions of people who are in this process, in getting clones of themselves or cloning others, I am against human cloning. We are –as human beings- unique and I think we should save our uniqueness, although technology tries to offer us some features such as immortality.



Asu Durmus, April 2005 Adv