Subject verb agreement


Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form from the two choices in parantheses. Find the subject first, then decide whether it is singular or plural. Remember the rules for subject verb agreement.

1. Outside the house (was / were) two men in gray waiting in the dark.
2. Many Chinese (goes / go) to the US to study in universities.
3. Parapsychological phenomena (attracts / attract) many people .
4. Economic crises occurring almost every year (has / have) hindered the development of the country.
5. What criteria (has / have) been employed in the selection of the crew members?
6. A financial support program apart from the scholarships given to the students (has / have) been put into practice this year.
7. The number of students who register in these courses (changes / change) every year.
8. The statements made by the prime minister (conflicts / conflict) with the statements of other members of the party.
9. The ability of most humanoid apes to learn new patterns of behavior (surprises / suprise) the scientists.
10. No uniform policy against terrorists who are threatening the world peace (has / have) been agreed upon.