5. editing exercises: tense agreement

Read the paragraph below. It was written by a fellow student, and it was not proofread or corrected. Therefore, it contains some grammar mistakes. Faults in tense agreement have been highlighted in the same color for you.

Inequality between men and women has started when the first human species came to being. In agricultural and hunting-gathering  societies, men were responsible for those jobs that required physical strength,  whereas women have to stay at home and look after the baby. Itís obvious that the  males have been physically much stronger than women. Unequal power relations between two genders lead to violence, to which  especially women have been exposed . Thus, this issue became so important that it needs  to be talked about, discussing  the reasons for violence and possible solutions.

This paragraph contains many tense agreement mistakes. Do not forget that in order to express our ideas correctly we have to use correct tense combinations. If we fail to  use our tenses correctly, our reader will get confused, and will not understand which event happened first, what followed this event, what happened when, etc.

Read this paragraph again. Tense mistakes have been highlighted for you. Verbs that should be used in agreement with each other have been highlighted in the same color.

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