The contents of the grammar section are divided into three as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. These divisions roughly correspond to the levels we use here in our school but there are some differences.  

Beginner grammar exercises are intended for those students whose writing skills are at a beginner level. They have covered most of the grammatical areas in English language but they are novices in writing. The beginner student at the end of the first semester may be thought as having reached that level.

Intermediate grammar exercises are intended for those students who have mastered some grammar and who have some experience in writing, but those who need grammar practice at a higher-level. These students also need more practice in sentence combination, coherence, etc. Intermediate students in our school half way through the first semester can be at that level.

Advanced level exercises are intended for the advanced students starting from the beginning of the first semester. They have knowledge of the English grammar in addition to some experience in writing. However, they need practice and revision in principles of cohesion, complex sentence structure, and other writing concerns such as subject-verb agreement. 


For practical purposes grammar exercises are divided into three as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Try the exercises you think will be useful for you. If you find out that one level is too easy for you, try the upper level. If you think that one level is too difficult for you, try the lower level. Sometimes you may do the exercises in one level, and you may think that you need more practice. Then, try the upper level, too.

Beginner index
Intermediate index
Advanced index
Noun clauses
Run-on sentences
Sentence fragments
Subject - Verb agreement
Dangling modifiers


Writing guides are handouts that address problem areas. They summarize the rules for the student and illustrate the points with examples. After studying the writing guide follow the link and do the linked exercises to reinforce the points you have learned.






 Noun clauses    
 Pronouns    Pronoun agreement 1

 Pronoun agreement 2

 Run-on sentences    Run-on sentences
 Sentence fragments    Sentence fragments 1

 Sentence fragments 2


 Dangling modifiers    Misplaced and dangling modifiers
 Subject-verb agreement  Subject-verb agreement 1

 Subject-verb agreement 2

 Subject-verb agreement 3

 Subject-verb agreement 1

 Subject-verb agreement 2