Where are we?


The Writing Center is located in South YADYOK building, Room 121 and in Kilyos Saritepe Campus YADYOK building.


What is our mission?


The main aim of the Writing Center is to encourage students to become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses in their writing and to think critically about academic writing guidelines. The Writing Center is not a grammar correction or proofreading agency.


How do we work?


We operate on a one-to-one, tutorial basis. During the half-hour tutorial session, the student and the tutor read and discuss the essay written by the student.


How to make appointments


Students make appointments with the Writing Center secretary in Room 413 in South YADYOK building. Appointments are for half an hour. Only one appointment is allowed per week. Another important point to keep in mind is to call YADYOK to cancel appointments at least an hour in advance as a courtesy to the tutor. New appointments can be made every Friday for the following week.



What to bring to the Writing Center


Students are expected to bring an essay they have written on a topic of their own choice. This should be a type of essay covered in the week of the appointment to be of more use to the student, but it should not be a class assignment essay. In other words, the essays already corrected or to be corrected by the writing teacher should not be brought to the Writing Center.